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How to Get Paid to Answer Questions on UnifiedCamp

We're pleased to inform you that our programme to Pay you in Cash for every question you provide a correct solution to, here on the UnifiedCamp Website (Quiz Forum Section Only).

Apart from Financially rewarding students, this programme is designed to further improve learning, as we will be dealing with both Academic Based Questions.

To get paid for any question, you have to provide a "SOLUTION" to whatever question was posted. We emphasized SOLUTION. Not just the answer, the detailed SOLUTION of how you got the answer.

Rules of the Programme

  1. You must be the first to answer the question CORRECTLY to earn.
  2. When attempting a question, you must indicate or write your username either above or below your solution/answer, else your answer will be voided.
  3. You will only be paid for answering questions correctly in the Quiz Forum. However, Your interactions by helping others answer questions correctly will boost your chances of becoming a verified Contributor.
  4. Once an answer has been selected as the correct answer all others with answers will not be paid.
  5. The more details you provide to explain the solution you are providing, the more your earning power.
  6. We will pay between N50 - N100 for every solution and answer you provide to a question. However, Verified Contributors earn up to N150 per answer provided.
  7. UnifiedCamp reserves the right to modify the above rules, anytime we deem fit.

Claiming your payment

You will be notified through the email address you provide after your answer has been selected. Ensure to provide us your correct email address so that you can be contacted.

To SetUp your email address, visit your account settings and input your correct email address or click here to login and set it up.

Tips to get your answer approved

The major tip is to provide a holistic solution to the question asked, instead of just the answer.

Example; If a user asks for the Cut-Off of a certain school, you have to tell the user why the cut-off you provided as the answer is correct. Simply put, just explain your answer beyond any reasonable doubt.

How to double or triple your earning rate

We cherish Members who are passionate about helping other students solve their problems, and so with time, we will double and even triple your earning power. To learn more about getting a promotion, and becoming a verified Contributor on this programme, click here!!

How to start now?

To start now, visit this link; www.unifiedcamp.com/forum/index