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UnifiedCamp Blog

Unifiedcamp - A Pathway For Easier and Better Learning Experience

Hey guys, I just published an article about UnifiedCamp on DEV Community; just want to repost it here.

Unifiedcamp - A Pathway For Easier and Better Learning Experience

UnfiedCamp is an online interactive and educative platform, specifically created for students' use. This platform provides free school resources such as e-books, forums for interactions (questions and answers), and tutorial videos. It does not only consist of that but also blogs to get hold of interesting articles.

Unifiedcamp - Learn to Share and Collaborate

Unifiedcamp has different sections that make the platform educative and exciting. Being a member of Unifiedcamp allows you to enjoy the below-listed features:

  • UnifiedShare
  • Forums
  • Blog
  • CourseCamp

*. UnifiedShare:

UnifiedShare is a section of Unifiedcamp which has educational resources.

With over 200+ E-books, UnifiedCamp Provides school materials for students to download such as PDFs via the UnifiedShare section.

*. Forums:

With the forums created for anyone to ask questions. When you post (ask) a question, other users and tutors can answer your question (if they can be of help); there is no limit to how many answers your question(s) can get, so you can rest assured of getting different views and positive response(s).

Who knows? You might be of great help to someone in need of an answer.

The Quiz Forum:

The Quiz forum consists of Past Exam questions which will be posted on a daily basis for members to answer.
You get to test your capabilities by attempting to answer what you think you can answer. You can also use that as an arena to learn; for questions you have no clue, just sit back and watch others answer it so as to learn how to answer such questions (making emphasis on questions which involves calculations - I know how it irritates some people).

Did I mention this is my best forum?
No, I did not. Anyway, this is my favorite forum, and guess why, it is because the Quiz Forum comes attached to each question a prize. Yes, I mean a prize.

There is a reward for answering a question correctly!!!
Now you know why this forum is my fav. Funny right? Don't think otherwise, who doesn't like getting rewarded? 😁
A little secret: "it makes me add extra effort to read". Shhhh! Don't tell no one.

This is all I can say about the forums but not all about Unifiedcamp.

*. Blog:

The Unifiedcamp also has a blog section where content writers can publish their articles.
Do you want to reach out to an audience?
Do you want to be heard?
Do you want to express yourself?
Do you want to create awareness?
You want to.............?
The blog section is there for you. You can write, express yourself, create awareness, and other things like with the blog section.

You can publish as many articles as you want; but hey, make sure your articles are meaningful and helpful!
Nobody wants to read an article that is not meaningful and also won't be of help. So you know what to publish.

*. CourseCamp:

This is one of the most important sections of the UnifiedCamp. The CourseCamp is a part of UnifiedCamp that focuses on learning.

CourseCamp is an online learning and teaching environment for students. The platform was created for educational purposes which include: Online Learning, Idea Sharing, Courses, and lots more. CourseCamp does not focus only on high education institutions as there is a provision of courses and educational materials for secondary level especially those preparing for Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) - UTME, WASSCE, NECO SSCE, GCE, and others.

Knowing that CourseCamp is an Online Tutorial Platform for all students within and around Africa. It is an arena that provides a complete learning guide for students preparing for examinations in various schools and institutions with the necessary materials and resources for learning.

The vision of CourseCamp is to see that students get a better learning experience and to help impact every student's life academically while improving and making a better learning platform through which every student can learn.

In addition, you can request a tutorial on any subject or course of your choice as they provide both online and offline tutorial lessons for students.

CourseCamp brings you a new and exciting way to learn and prepare for examinations, we provide online, private (one-on-one), and group tutorials (one-on-one) for students.

UnifiedCamp was founded in February 2020 by Seth Michael Longe, a software developer and student of the University of Jos (UJ), studying Computer Science; with the aim of unifying students within Nigeria and Africa in general.
More features are still being added to Unifiedcamp, so a daily visit to the platform will help you explore and enjoy the available and soon to be added features.

What are you waiting for? This is the end of this article, so head over to Unifiedcamp.com now!

Source: Unifiedcamp - A Pathway For Easier and Better Learning Experience by Kefas Kingsley @ DEV Community